Benito worldwide - Recent Projects

Safety measures for the bike lanes on Vía Augusta and Gran Vía in Barcelona

2023 | Barcelona-Via Augusta

Picnic tables and bollards in Parc Central in Igualada, Barcelona

2023 | Barcelona-Igualada

Milan luminaires in a commercial and leisure area of New Cairo City, Egypt

2023 | Egipto

Customized games with different models at Parque Europa in Lucena, Córdoba

2023 | Córdoba

The Eterna waste bin, labeled as 'Anti-Seagull' model for cities

2023 | Barcelona

Illumination of the UE Rubí field for the Copa del Rey competition.

2023 | Barcelona

A park with everything needed for inclusive play and for all ages in Mallorca

2023 | Mallorca

Horizon luminaires on the roads of the state of Querétaro in Mexico

2023 | México

Circuit for dogs to train outdoors in Bescanó, Girona

2023 | Girona

Large-scale games in Alovera, a town in the Henares River corridor in Guadalajara

2023 | Alovera Guadalajara

Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe in France is illuminated by a thousand LED streetlights

2023 | Saint Sulpice La pointe Francia

One of BENITO's most elegant benches in one of the finest areas of Turin, Italy

2023 | Turín Italia

Benito worldwide - Recent Projects